We have just supported the following peditions: VP8STI (most wanted #3), VK0EK (most wanted #5), FT4JA (most wanted #6), VP8SGI (most wanted #8), K5P (most wanted #9), and S79C (new one IOTA AF-119).

73 Team of MWDX

Новое значение кодового сигнала (QTX) предназначено для констатации ситуации на обоих концах DX-экспедиций. Новое значение QTX было объявлено в прошлые выходные на встрече ARI DX в Риме и Конференции RSGB в Великобритании.
"Новое значение QTX: когда оператор DX-экспедиции передает с ним позывной и цифру(ы), это означает, что указанная станция должна перестать звать его на протяжении указанного времени, например, 1 часа, после чего ей можно будет повторять вызовы, возможно, пересмотрев свой образ действий. В свою очередь DX-мен может передать QTX с указанием времени и диапазона оператору DX экспедиции, указывая на то, что эффективность и темп работы данного оператора DX-экспедиции дошли до такой точки, при которой он очевидно не справляется со стоящей перед ним задачей, что приводит к созданию хаотической ситуации. В этом случае руководство DX-экспедиции должно принять надлежащие меры в отношении такого оператора".


Read more: A brief report, October 14th

The principal mantra of a true blue DXer says, You never know.  And so it is. The Sun has been mischievous especially to those who likes HF DXing.  You look at the propagation forecast painted red and saying poor and your desire to turn on the rig vanishes. TV show sounds more alluring. Nevertheless, the is life on the bands, even on the low ones, in the reign of noise and QRN racket.  EU have been heard in NA on TB, as well some, the most persistent and equipped even managed to book some Indian Ocean on 160 and 80.
E51MKW SSB solo that ended just a few ago provided many with much needed North Cook. Not loudly advertised, the operation was, however, an example of a great op´s job, vacation style that is. 80 through 10, gstaying on the band till it is dried off. Another North Cook holiday style E51MQT is even more efficient, since CW and RTTY included. Two ops, leisure time but great performance 160 thru 10. Conditions were tough for EU but some made it into their logs.
S79SP seem to be doing their best given the state of conditions. NA SA Pacific are few but logged at any rate even on low bands. Go Poland!

Read more: 10 meters open

Хотя десятка в кластере не появляется, я на всякий случай "ткнул" туда SDR панорамный приёмник.  А есть кое-что. Вот так, например, слышно сейчас Бразилию. Приём на гексабим UP 15 метров. Точно так же хорошо слышны USA, хотя время для десятки нештатное :-) Впрочем и согласно прогноза диапазон 28 мгц в это время должен быть закрыт. Скорее всего краткосрочное магнитное возмущение.

Latest plaques

Irish Islands 2 Throughout this Summer, EJ0DXG will be QRV from IOTAs EU-006, EU-007, EU-103 and EU-121.


Nansen GoldPlaque "Fridtjof Nansen" dedicated to the 120-th Anniversary of the expedition on the ship "FRAM" led Fridtjof Nansen 1893 - 1896. 


180x120 Australia"Australia, Islands on Earth's edge" Plaque is issued for QSOs with 4 or more different IOTA groups, activated by Andy VK5MAV from 2009 till now.


Zanzibar ia a pearl of Tanzania  The plaque is issued for contacts with 5H1WW Russian pedition to Zanzibar Island on 3 any bands any mode during November 19 - 28, 2016. 

 b 350 197 16777215 00 images INCASLEGACY1280x720 01901

"Incas Legacy Trophy" Work at least 10 amateur radio stations from WAZ zone 10 on 9 different amateur bands any mode, at least 1 QSO on each of 9 bands

R71RRC plaque

The Plaque  "Chukotka Jorney 2017". This plaque is issued for just one contact with R71RRC Russian pedition to Arakamchechen Island IOTA AS-071 during April, 2017.

 VK9MAV 12 0190"VK9MAV Coral Sea Adventure" Work Marion reef OC-267 on any bands any mode.


RI0LI plaq

This plaque is issued for contacts with the Russian Team RI0LI from Leont'yeva Island, Medvezhi Islands,RI0LI plaq IOTA AS-022 


HD2RRC plHD2RRC Ecuadorin voyage. Work 2 Islands SA-033 and SA-034 on any bands any mode.

RI1F 007 0190

 The Award for QSOs with RI1F pedition EU-190 is the "Victoria" plaque.


ОС 265 Plaque

"Coral see Islands". Work VK5MAV/9 OC-265 on any two bands any mode in April 2018. 


CANADA 1 Plaque

The Plaque "CANADA. Rare Islands on the air". Work VE7ACN peditions to 7 Islands of CANADA

MOZAMBIQUE Plaque1 0190

"MOZAMBIQUE 2018" plaque.  This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club.


ALASKA 1 Plaque

The Plaque "ALASKA 2017.The Plaque "ALASKA 2017. Rare Islands on the air". Work VE7ACN peditions to 3 Islands of Alaska in 2017: 

   NOBILE 90 Plaque

The Plaque "NOBILE-90". In connection with the 90-th anniversary of reaching the North Pole by the Umberto Nobile's expedition on the airship and the rescue ....

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180 x 120 EU7A

180 х 120 VK5MAV

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This award is dedicated to the activations all Irish IOTA groups by the EIDX Group. Throughout this Summer, EJ0DXG... Read more
This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club. It is ussed for two way contacts... Read more
In connection with the 90-th anniversary of reaching the North Pole by the Umberto Nobile's expedition on the airship and... Read more
The Plaque "CANADA. Rare Islands on the air". Work VE7ACN peditions to 7 Islands of CANADA: IOTA NA-036, VE7ACN/7, Vancouver Island,... Read more
The Plaque "ALASKA 2017. Rare Islands on the air". Work VE7ACN peditions to 3 Islands of Alaska in 2017:KL7/VE7ACN NA-041 Prince... Read more
Work VK5MAV/9 OC-265 on any two bands any mode in April 2018. VK5MAV/9 log will be upload to ClubLog. Plaque’s... Read more

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The team were able to fix problem with amplifier and instal VDA 20m antenna. They are asking to make only...
The sea around Ptichy island is stormy and landed not allowed. The weather should be better on Friday, August, 25.
The part of UE23RRC, AS-142 team (RA1ZZ, RW5D) will activate Starichkov island, AS-095 sine 0000 UTC, August, 23 during 36...


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