Hello brethren,

The month of January was not bad at all. Trump got sworn in and low bands were great over the North Pole.  Four stations were active from the Cook Islands making this entity as common as DL or PY: E51DWC and E51WWA from South Cook, E51AMF and E51WL (JT on 160) from North Cook.  Although JT mode’s QSO value is still highly disputable among hard core CW and TB folks, we have to congratulate UR0MC with his 320 th country on 160, which Roman obtained by contacting E51WL. Eric, JW2US has been active from Bear Island, Svalbard on low bands. Being in the Aurora circle, this DXCC entity is a hard one to get for many outside EU and his activity is much welcome and appreciated. Antoine, 3D2AG seems to be taking low bands seriously. His admirable persistence has been paying off in ever-growing number of contacts made with other hams world-wide on 80 meters. He is expected on 160 soon. Jovica, JY9FC is back to Jordan and about to resume his 160 endeavors. A German crew is visiting Ivory Coast and being heard on the air as TU5MH. Although operators are performing great and their high speed CW skills are beyond any criticism, low band community would appreciate more emphasis on 80 and 160. CQ WW CW 160 took place on the last weekend of the month. Conditions were above average and scores from the top dogs are impressive. Perhaps, the guys-of-the-hour title deservedly goes to CN2AA team with their amazing performance and signals to envy.

73 Alex


Hello brethren et al. !

We have entered the year of 2017 with great NA to EU openings on 160 and 80 meters. Finally, after years of waiting those who live in or close to the Aurora oval managed to hear their counterparts on the other side of it. Get going, keep at it, guys!

Ken, K4ZW is in Laos, activating XW4ZW along with his buddy XW4XR focusing on low bands NA. To the day only one NA station has reported hearing them on 160 – Rich, K7ZV in Oregon with his state-of-art RX setup. Nevertheless, on 80 meters which is no less demanded, XW has been logged by some NA enthusiasts as far as the East Coast.

Milan, OK1DWC signing E51DWC is active from South Cook Islands now spending some time on 160.

Antoine, 3D2AG makes nearly daily appearance on 80 meters at his sunset – EU sunrise. Unfortunately conditions to The South Pacific have not been good from Europe, and only a handful of stations got him into their logs.

TG9/DJ2EH have been active on 80 and 160. Great signals yet very sporadic appearances with no announced schedule to follow, which is upsetting to many DXers in remote locations in Asia.

Peter, OX3XR shows up on 160 mostly around 1.835 Khz around 01 UTC working NA. He was as well signing OX90EDR.

 Fresh LoTW uploads: 9M0Z, ZL9A

Hello brethren!

The year 2016 is about to become history. What will it be remembered for ham-wise?  Each of us has his own trophy of the year to keep in the scroll of his memorable moments. We witnessed and some of us got lucky to log extremely rare North Korea activated by Dom, 3Z9DX,  followed by his October activity from T31. K5P from Palmyra is another example of a rare once-in-a-great-while entity that was activated this year.  That remote island of Pitcairn went on the air after some years of absence – first, an expedition ran by JF2MBF signing VP6J, and then 2 months stay of DL2AH as VP6AH.

160 meters enthusiasts had a great opportunity to increase their country-count significantly. Although the overall state of conditions on 160 were challenging and way beyond the expected, it’s joyful to notice that more and more expeditions dedicate time and other resources in order to make an appearance on the top band. Some are more productive than others, but the main point is to try and not limit a dx-pedition to  higher bands.  Ham community should encourage future DX-peditioners to do their home work and have a set of TX/RX for 160 as well as a dedicated operator.

Contest-wise the year of 2016 produced less records than a couple of previous years. Without 10 and 15 meters and very unfortunate major storms falling on the date of events, it was hard to beat the standing records. Nevertheless, activity in all major DX contest was tremendous with bands filled with signals from edge to edge and with plenty of DX participating.

We wish you all Happy New Year and hope to hear you on the air!

Alex, HC2AO Konstantin, RW3DD

Hello brethren!

Happy, hapy New Year to all of you!

It´s  the right time to set your goals for the next 12 months. There are several once-in-a-great-while entities to appear on the air ahead as well as rare and semi-rare DX countires that may help you to improve your DXCC and Challenge standing.  The Sun keeps surprising us with sporadic activity which is good for higher bands and not so desirable for lower ones. Yet, the overall picture seems to be great and through-Aurora or around Aurora oval paths are becoming more and more often events on 160 and 80 meters.  Starting November, NA to EU path has occurred nearly daily with the exception of high geomagnetic disturbances nights. EU to Pacific and to NA has not been as productive as in prior months still good long-haul QSOs are made. Notably A31MM and V73NS have been worked and spotted with frequency, which gives hope to those, who need them on TB and 80. E51DWC is back to South Cook and with great signals again. Aravind, VU2ABS reports that he will made major efforts in exploring 160M by putting a Waller Flag on his space-restricted estate. Zone 22 is much needed by NA and SA on both 80 and 160, so let us wish him good luck in his endeavors.  Another good news is an increasing activity from New Caledonia residents on 80 – FK8IK and FK8DD are now frequent guests on that band. Let´s hope their noise-raking enthusiasm will last long enough to quench FK thirst of many.

As for DXing from HC… Emmanuele IK2OHG signing HC2HGT will QRV until January 10th, offering completion to the resident evil operator HC2AO. The latter can be found daily on 80 and 160 starting 23.50 UTC, burning electricity and contributing to the global worming.

Once again, Happy New Year, folks!

Hello brethren,

Once again the bands are packed with DX and teeming with stations from everywhere.  Pre-CQ WW CW activities add to the DX rush. Europe and Asia had a great chance to fill in missing slots with Cambodia working XU7MDC team. North and South America, however, were less fortunate due to high QRN/QRM levels at the DX end. At any rate, thanks for going DX, guys! Ken, LA7GIA was signing TL8AO from The Central African Republic. Great signals, outstanding number of contacts. The Maldives  are represented by 8Q7SP and 8Q7DC teams providing a good opportunity to those in need of the zone 22. 5H1WW  from Zanzibar Island led by RZ3FW is running 100 watts on all HF bands but seems to be heard and hears well world-wide.

160 is back to life. Europe is working NA and Pacific. The band is in a good shape.

73 and good DX!

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This plaque is dedicated to the Russian polar explore Nikifor Begichev (1874-1927) who discovered this Island in 1908. It's issued for QSO's... Read more
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