CE0Y/R4WAA and CE0Y/RZ3FW is under way. Two Sergeis arrived to the island and getting reading to QRV all bands for about 2 weeks. They count with a 500w amplifier and antennas for all bands. Both are skilled CW ops with some expeditions in their past. Good luck, boys!

SV2ASP/A  Monk Apollo’s recent 3 day activity is confirmed. You didn’t work a slim, t’was Apollo himself. QSL via direct.

T2TT An American tea mis on the air. Great ops. I hope they will help those who missed T2GC earlier


Alexey Ogorodov

Hello brethren,
The highlight of the week is definitely VK9WA operation. Willis is needed, Willis is wanted. An international group of DX adventurers made Willis possible. For me it was ATO and my adrenaline had been high until I got them in my log. 5 times. First five day of the activity sent me into a complaining mood – guys were calling NA/SA but working only NA with 0.5% of SA overall. It looked pessimistic and somewhat surprising – usually that geographical area is not a problem from Ecuador. VK4CT skimmer was generous to me, awarding with nice signal readings on several bands and yet no VK9WA qso. The obvious conclusion was their antennas are pointed sideways to SA.  Eventually I caught them with their signals above average on 17 meters and logged them pretty much effortless. 15m qso followed. 12 and 20 contacts were easy – the operator confused VFOs presumably on K3 and was working simplex. 10M was a bit of struggle but N7QT superior ears pulled my 60watt-to-a-piece-of-wire signal. Log was constantly updated which is a nice tool to avoid unnecessary dupes. All in all, I’m happy and therefore grateful to the team.  However, let me vocalize some major complaints heard around: extremely extended splits with a DX in the lower, therefore more used spectrum of a band, not knowing or not following the SS/SR, paying little attention to SA and AF.
African continent is on the air. 9G5XA, 9X0NH, J52HF, ZD8G, ZD8AA, ZD8W, S01WS (160!!), 5R8IC have been heard and worked.
Silent Keys. Rich, KL7RA and Edgar, CE3EEA are reported SK this week. You will be missed and remembered. RIP fellows.
Alexey Ogorodov

Hello brethren,

And again it´s to time to blubber a bit. The CQ WW Phone 2015 is over. Conditions were good but inferior to the last year event.  Activity seemed to be high and many worked many as usual. Sweet, juicy DXs were detected by their RF signatures on the bands but nothing out of ordinary.

I have an open question. VU2PAI was operating on 20M running NAs. When crowd grew to big for his gentle ears, Pai went UP UP without listening if the UP was occupied or free. Sending troops UP, IMHO, sounds like causing deliberate QRM. The band was packed and there was no space for split without streaming it on someone's heads. What about ethics Mrs. Organizers? The question is rather a rhetorical one for you never hear from them anyway.

The weekend’s highlight was 2 day QRV from UN HQ nearby park. 4U70UN were activated and made many of us happy (me included).

I’m back on TB low-powered, with my make-shift Inverted L N4RJ style with some 23 radials. Thus far about a hundred of NA calls and 3 EU have been logged.

The advanced TBers, however, are hunting ZD7W from St.Helen and 3B8/DJ7RJ from Mauritius.  Both worked by NA big guns.

FR4NT has been active on TB surprisingly loud for his modest setup. Some pre- and post-contest warmers-up and chillers-down made themselves available to TB audience in brief.

News. TZ4AM is expected to go QRO and his antennas situation should get improved in no time. --


Hello brethren,

The sun has been quite playful making the VHF tribe happy while keeping Low Band rogues medium-rare in their expectations for a decent opening. Nevertheless, 160 traffic never ceases, no matter what. Oliver now signing ZD8W shows up with decent signals; several Caribbean DX-peditions making themselves available to the world; Berni, ZS4TX entertaining NA audience with loud signals from South Africa. 3W3MD came and gone without a serious performance on TB for anyone save Japan and Pacific. 5Z4HW, the German crew with famous DL7DF are putting a nice show on HF yet by some reason they haven’t been investing much time into 160 enterprise. Sad, but what can we do?  JC, N4IS keeps his voyages across Brazil installing his innovative Rotatable Waller’s Flags here and there. He was last heard signing N4IS/PT9 from the heart of Brazilian jungle.

VK9WA have just started. Let’s hope the crew will make many of us happy.

As for your humble servant, I’ve been well playing on 160 daily for an hour or two. I’m still running 100 watts tops into a Sloping Inverted L with some 32 random length radials. RX antennas used are 2 inverted Us that prove to be efficient in fighting the s9+ noise of TX aerial. NA is easy even low power, simple aerial guys. Some EU has been worked as well. ZS4TX made into my log, not a squeaky clean QSO (due to some fellows’ desire to assist) but reports were received at both ends in two attempts.  All in all: life goes on.

A little tip for those who still haven’t logged me on TB. Due to the nature of my local QRM/QRN, I best receive CW at some 23-30 wpm. Send me your call twice. If I didn’t come back right away with your full or partial call or send ???. That means I didn’t detect your signal as yet. Don’t get disappointed – I first listen on my own frequency +/- 0.05. If there is nothing, I inspect  +/- 1 KHz. It takes some time to adjust filter settings, so please send your call 5-6 times when I get a partial on you or came back with ??? I don’t use split unless absolutely necessary. I hope to see you in my log.

Alexey Ogorodov.

The principal mantra of a true blue DXer says, You never know.  And so it is. The Sun has been mischievous especially to those who likes HF DXing.  You look at the propagation forecast painted red and saying poor and your desire to turn on the rig vanishes. TV show sounds more alluring. Nevertheless, the is life on the bands, even on the low ones, in the reign of noise and QRN racket.  EU have been heard in NA on TB, as well some, the most persistent and equipped even managed to book some Indian Ocean on 160 and 80.
   E51MKW SSB solo that ended just a few ago provided many with much needed North Cook. Not loudly advertised, the operation was, however, an example of a great op´s job, vacation style that is. 80 through 10, gstaying on the band till it is dried off. Another North Cook holiday style E51MQT is even more efficient, since CW and RTTY included. Two ops, leisure time but great performance 160 thru 10. Conditions were tough for EU but some made it into their logs.
Read more: A brief report, October 14th   S79SP seem to be doing their best given the state of conditions. NA SA Pacific are few but logged at any rate even on low bands. Go Poland!
  V73D, a German outing to Marshall Islands is at its full.  Some commented that they don’t hear well. Once again, the equator and vicinities is not for faint of heart, QRN can be more than one can deal with. Despite V73NS is QRV pretty much daily from that DXCC entity,  V73D pileups are pretty big, especially in RTTY.
TZ4AM has been reported QRV from Mali, not much information on this operation is available.
TZ6BB went QRT and now works in HB9, so TZ4AM is a very desired in many logs.
3B8/DJ7RJ Willi is active again on 160 and 80m mostly and mainly focused on quenching NA zone 39 thirst.

Latest plaques

7P8RU plaque0190 Lesoto 7P8RU.   The Plaque "LESOTO 2021 7P8RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021   C92RU plaque 2The Plaque "MOZAMBIQUE 2021 C92RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021.

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MALAWI 2020 7Q7RU To get this Plaque you need to work 3 QSO with 7Q7RU from 07th till 19th of November 2020.

RI0Q 2021 2 PlaqueThis plaque is dedicated to the Russian polar explore Nikifor Begichev (1874-1927)

who discovered this Island in 1908.

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The Plaque "Palestine 2020 E44RU". Expedition of Russian Robinson Club 2020.

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This plaque is still dedicated to the 125-th Anniversary of the expedition on the ship "FRAM" leg Fridtjof Nansen.

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The Plaque "The Kingdom of Eswatine 2021 3DA0RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021.


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"Coral see Islands". Work VK5MAV/9 OC-265 on any two bands any mode


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The Plaque "Chukotka 2018 IOTA"

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"MOZAMBIQUE 2018" plaque.  This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club.


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The Plaque "ALASKA 2017.The Plaque "ALASKA 2017. Rare Islands on the air". Work VE7ACN peditions to 3 Islands of Alaska in 2017: 

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The Plaque "NOBILE-90". In connection with the 90-th anniversary of reaching the North Pole by the Umberto Nobile's expedition on the airship and the rescue ....

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The Plaque "LESOTO 2021 7P8RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021. This plaque is issued for contacts with the... Read more
The Plaque "The Kingdom of Eswatine 2021 3DA0RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021. This plaque is issued for... Read more
The Plaque "MOZAMBIQUE 2021 C92RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021. This plaque is issued for contacts with... Read more
The Plaque "BOTSWANA 2021 A25RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021. This plaque is issued for contacts with... Read more
This plaque is dedicated to the Russian polar explore Nikifor Begichev (1874-1927) who discovered this Island in 1908. It's issued for QSO's... Read more
The Plaque "MALAWI 2020 7Q7RU". Expedition of Russian Robinson Club 2020. This plaque is issued for contacts with the Russian... Read more

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