Hello brethren et al.

With family holidays December is not the best most to wait for dx-peditions. No major DX were detected. However, it is a good time to work resident DXs and catch up on your missing slots in neighbor countries. A lot of folks are at home and with snow and frost outside there isn’t much to do besides hamming.

90th IARU anniversary seems to reach its peak – more and more new …90IARU calls are on the air. Some gather huge piles, others not as lucky. I’ve been running two special calls – HD90 and HC90IARU. It’s fun but working the same people on the same bands gets boring after a while.

On DX front. TZ9A and TZ4AM are active from Mali. 3B9FR can be found nearly daily on the bands 40 and up. FR4NT and FW5JJ show up on 80 and 160.  EP stations (EP2LMA, EP3MS, EP3NH, ) are heard and worked mostly on 20 and 15, which is a good sign – Iran is much needed in both Americas. V5/DL3DXX is in Namibia again – your chance to get that one on TB.

160. The band is getting better. NA hears and works EU and JA on daily basis. Some OC and AF are active and worked. As for me, I’m still playing with my 12.5M Vertical to 23 M horizontal Inverted L with 30 radials. Thus far several EUs were worked with 70 watts as the farthest DXs.

73 Alex


Hello brethren,

The last weekend ARRL 10 Meters contest was pretty much the last minute 10 Meter DX shopping opportunity with the Sun activity predicted to decline soon for another decade.

It was obvious that the band was not as it was in 2014: no over the Pole openings to speak of, no after-midnight runs save for some lucky chaps in Brazil and Argentina (Had they bribed the 10m gods, I wonder?). Nevertheless, the contest was fun, at least for me. I set IC718 and a tuner on a garden table, hooked up the coax and spent several hours running. I discovered that my laptop creates QRM and I had to go pen-and-paper, old-days style. The power was max at 20 watts, and still 500 qsos made. Only 1 JA, a few ZL’s and handful of EU (I don’t wake too early), and tons of North America. Dominique, 6W1SR called for a new LoTW one. Surprisingly, I was not pushed from my run frequencies. I think that’s because I didn’t operate at EU prime band occupation times.

Well, Stew Perry 160 Meter Contest is coming soon and though there is no trophy for SA this time, I’m going to do my best still. Don’t forget – no cluster, no skimmer’s, no external help. If you want to participate keep it – “boy and radio (plus his antenna)” style. The exchange is your grid locator.



Hello brethren,

Step aside from DXing. Less tan a month left before 2015 will become history and IARU 90th anniversary with it. If you feel like having a sort of souvenir, I´d suggest working IARU SESs and qualify for one or several of IARU 90 awards.  Activity is wide and quite a few countries are on the air signing …90IARU. More information on AWARDS and automatic log can be found at http://iaru90.hamlogs.net/


Akexey Ogorodov

Brethren, be blessed your day!

As usual DX activity goes down after the main event, and this year was not an exception. Flocks of contester pilgrims flooded the skies heading to their home nests, happy or otherwise and the bands appeared abandoned. However, there are resident DXs and they kept the HF entertainment go.

Remarkable activity from Africa on low bands: Bernie ZS4TX with thunderous signals into NA and EU, Alain, TR8CA not as loud but there making many happy with Gabon on 80 and 160, FW5JJ, JJ still pushes TB weights and making some q’s.

Also from Africa but mostly on 20 and 15, J52HF has been actively spotted. 3D2RJ from OC-66 are active including 160. DU7ET, Robert keeps his TB journey with outstanding signals produced by his newly-acquired PA. Robert says he’s conservative about qsling and prefers paper shifting to bytes shifting, nonetheless ,from unrevealed sources, it’s known that Robert has registered with LoTW. Let’s hope one day he changes his conservative believes towards QSLing.

Easter Island, self-financed expedition by Sergeis is over. Some 10 K qsos log with some on TB and 80. Well done, boys! You are my kind of guys – little said yet a lot done. Kudos!


Hello brethren,

The major CW event of the year is over. Frankly, I experience a sort of hangover after every big contest. Adrenaline and serotonin levels are depleted, life looks gray, radio feels nearly disgusting. I ask myself, why the heck I keep doing that? Never can I get an answer. Anyway, back to the topic.

I was initially going to pick up the cherries – sticking to the cluster and working new slots. But a contester in me won over a DXer and 5 minutes into the contest I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit and wait – I wanted some action. By some reason (a lousy connection in radials as I found later) made SWR on all bands jump save 40. And on 40 I went.  After fighting noise for some 23 hours I ended up with 1800 qsos 32 zones and over 110 countries. Although I worked only a few new slots I´m very pleased.

One late “backthought” – it appears I was the only one from HC land that. What a pitty I didn’t use the opportunity.

Now. N6MJ with an astonishing result of over 10 000 qsos. That is something. Looking at his achievement I lose any desire to comment any further on other scores. Hats off!

DX side. A lot of desired DXs were in the contest from every corner of the planet. A good list of who were active can be seen at www.ng3k.com


Alexey Ogorodov

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Irish Islands 2 Throughout this Summer, EJ0DXG will be QRV from IOTAs EU-006, EU-007, EU-103 and EU-121.


Nansen GoldPlaque "Fridtjof Nansen" dedicated to the 120-th Anniversary of the expedition on the ship "FRAM" led Fridtjof Nansen 1893 - 1896. 


180x120 Australia"Australia, Islands on Earth's edge" Plaque is issued for QSOs with 4 or more different IOTA groups, activated by Andy VK5MAV from 2009 till now.

VK5CE 2018 IOTA TOUR plaque 1Work VK5CE from 4 of the 6 IOTA's activaited June 2018.


 RI0B 11 0190

This plaque dedicated to the 125-th Anniversary of the expedition on the ship "FRAM" leg Fridtjof Nansen. 

IRAN 2 2018 0190

This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club. It is ussed for two way contacts on three any bands with EP6RRC 

 VK9MAV 12 0190"VK9MAV Coral Sea Adventure" Work Marion reef OC-267 on any bands any mode.


RI0LI plaq

This plaque is issued for contacts with the Russian Team RI0LI from Leont'yeva Island, Medvezhi Islands,RI0LI plaq IOTA AS-022 


HD2RRC plHD2RRC Ecuadorin voyage. Work 2 Islands SA-033 and SA-034 on any bands any mode.

RI1F 007 0190

 The Award for QSOs with RI1F pedition EU-190 is the "Victoria" plaque.


ОС 265 Plaque

"Coral see Islands". Work VK5MAV/9 OC-265 on any two bands any mode in April 2018. 


RT65KI plaque6 0190

The Plaque "Chukotka 2018 IOTA"

"Chukotka 2018" plaque issued for the contact with RT65KI team on any band any mode. 

MOZAMBIQUE Plaque1 0190

"MOZAMBIQUE 2018" plaque.  This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club.


ALASKA 1 Plaque

The Plaque "ALASKA 2017.The Plaque "ALASKA 2017. Rare Islands on the air". Work VE7ACN peditions to 3 Islands of Alaska in 2017: 

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The Plaque "NOBILE-90". In connection with the 90-th anniversary of reaching the North Pole by the Umberto Nobile's expedition on the airship and the rescue ....


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This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club. It is ussed for two way contacts... Read more
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This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club. It is ussed for two way contacts... Read more

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