Hello brethren,

Now we have two major most wanted DX son the air – VK0EK& FT4JA. First of all, as a feeble voice of Pacific Coast SA and Central America DXers, I’d like to say that we haven’t been blessed with good openings to either.  I managed to log VK0EK on 30 and 20 without much struggle but only because I had been monitoring them for hours, noticing peaks and therefore windows of opportunity. That tactic has paid off as expected, however, 80 and 40 remain a nut hard to crack. Checking the log, I found only a few other compañeros from HC/HK/OA/CP/TI/HP that were lucky to make a qso with Heard Island. Geography combined with low solar activity are the main culprits of our misfortune – our short path is over the South Pole and therefore heavily affected by any disturbances, while the long path goes over the North Pole and then through the densely HAM populated NA and JA.  As of FT4JA, the island is close to the equator and the team uses beams, which, I assume are rarely if ever pointed straight West or East. Thus far, no qso in my log.

In the meantime there are several other juice DXs on the bands giving away coveted band slot points to those in need. A German, JW Svalbard outing presided by Sigi, DL7DF are active on all bands from JW5E.  An Italian team is active from Palestine signing  E44YL. I wish they would focus more on areas beyond Europe and Asia. Another German crew from Togo is on the air 5V7D. Not as active as we would desire but there. Although having RX issues on 160, the fellows are trying hard to make some of us happy on TB.

Vasily, R7AA and myself maybe in company with Fausto, HC5VF, Placido, CO7YM, and Gunther, HC2G are going to be active from SA-034 Puna Island in the Gulf of Guyaquil some time in the second time April. HD2RRC call has been requested. QSL via R7AA.



Getting on the air from the remotest and therefore the most wanted places has always been a challenge. Big money, complicated logistic, physical endurance, fierce pileups – that set of clichés can be run long. There are a lot of expectations from the ham community placed on expeditioners. Everyone wants to get in the log on as many bands as possible. Operators’ skills are under excruciating examination by a zillion of examiners.  T32C, VP8ORK, VP8STI, HK0NA and a few others set, let’s call it, the industry standard, which to many is the way how an expedition should be ran ideally. Any deviation and there is frustration, sometimes taking an ugly form of DQRM. First three days VK0EK´s performance was beyond the expected and that can be attributed to fatigue after the sea journey, landing, and setups deploy. On the fourth day, it seems that team got tuned into the DXpedition mode and rates went to what one would expect. Despite marginal conditions, 20K mark was reached on the fifth day with a very good number of unique call signs logged.

DXA logging should be mentioned. It gives a quite unique possibly of monitoring both DX and DXers, seeing the rate, propagation windows, cheats. It´s fun to watch the wave of big guns being logged first on any band, later to be replaced with KW and then 100 watts and less folks  - a nice demonstration of stations efficiency tied to the investments into their setups. RHR is there as well but it is a given nowadays.

As of March 29th, or a week on the island, the expedition produces an average of 5100 qso´s per day.  With another 11 days to go, and most of DX hogs fed, little pistols will have better chances to make it through.

Good luck!



Hello brethren,

The past week was marked with 3C7A activity with great signals in Eu, NA, Asia, and SA.  It´s a pity that it was a single op operation. The entity is still highly demanded and we can only hope for a full-scale, all-in DX-pedition to Equatorial Guinea.

5J0P, The Polish Dx-pedition to San Andres has been rocking on all bands including 160. Good opeartors, good ears if only they would chose frequencies at the higher portions of CW band not to cause interference  with pileups to other users.

ET7L, The Ukranian guys working in and from Ethiopia received the license according to Andy, UR4LRQ . They will be on until April 12th. Make sure you get a qso with them, LoTW was promised upon their return to Ukraine.

VK0EK and FT4JA teams are on their ways totheir destinations. Heard Isl grouping is being heard signing ZL/ZS9HI/MM from Braveheart, while the French JDN team are currently trying RF from Mayotee, signing FH/home calls.

The Russian DX Contest last weekend was fun as usual. However conditions were way more inferior comparing to previous years due to  magnetic storms and general declination of solar activity.


The Norwegian VK9CK Cocos Keeling expedition is over.  Despite o.4% of South America in their log, I feel an urge to thank the team for efforts. Guys did what they could. They were persistent calling NA and SA, staying on 160 and 80 at SR/SS, not giving up to the bitter end. I would blame the scarcity of NA and SA contacts on conditions that were not favorable to make long-haul QSOs. Perhaps, there were some details known to team that they will disclose later about what went not the way they wanted to. 

There is a word that Steve, VK6IR is going to VK9C some time in early 2017 as well as the announced Multi-Multi international expedition in September (CQ WW RTTY included).

The Most Wanted  VK0EK Heard island craze has begun. First days pileups are huge – while big gun DX hogs are not fed, RF piglets should keep off . Somewhat weird to see split down, especially on the narrow 30m band making it unusable for any other traffic.

C5FUD and C5GUV, Polish operation from the Gambia is on.

E44YL from Palestine began on Friday. Thus far CW and RTTY were heard from them.

This weekend is CQ WPX SSB contest. Good luck to all participants, and happy traffic on WARC to those who hates contests.



Hello brethren,

Surprises again! The recent geomagnetic disturbance ruined some hopes to many to work long-distance, near-the-pole-path DXs. However, the persistent ones managed to log much-desired C91IJ, Arunas and C92CC, Arkady on 80 and 160. What a dedication! Arkady and Arunas deserve our thanks big time. Another group with no lesser low band enthusiasm and propagation understanding is ET7L composed of Yarik, UW7LL and Andy, UR4LRQ. With their stay in Ethiopia till April 12th, many will still have a chance to get this entity on one band or another. Two Sri Lanka activities in progress, a German and a Czech. Unfortunately, it looks like they are focused on easy pileups from EU and Asia. Let’s hope they will pay more attention around their SR time for long-haul DXing, for 4S7 is still wanted in both Americas on 40,80,160.

Danny, ZD5DBC being assisted by experienced and well-known DXers N3BNA and ZP6CW are upgrading his 160 and 80 facilities and can be found nearly daily on 160 and 80. Noise levels are still high despite multiple RX antenna approaches. Let’s wish him well and hope he will prevail.

A large W8 group is active from Kiribati T32 using various calls. They are QRV on all bands from 160 to 80.

West Sahara, S01WS and S01A are active nearly daily on 40 and 80 meters.

Marquesas Is, TX7EU is on the air ran by a EU group. Great operators, good signals, no 80 or 160 operatiion.

There is a possible activation of a new IOTA in HC by R7AA, some HCs including myself some time in April. More information will be known later. HD2RRC call sign requested.


Latest plaques


Irish Islands 2 Throughout this Summer, EJ0DXG will be QRV from IOTAs EU-006, EU-007, EU-103 and EU-121.


RUSSIAN FAR EAST 2019 PLAQUE"RUSSIAN FAR EAST 2019" plaque. This plaque is issued for QSO with 2 new and rare Islands AS-204 as R26RRC and AS-205 as R205NEW of Russian Ribison Club in June 2019.



This award is ussed for two way contacts on three any bands with XR0ZRC of Russian expedition to Robinson Crusoe Island IOTA SA-005 in March 2019

VK5CE 2018 IOTA TOUR plaque 1Work VK5CE from 4 of the 6 IOTA's activaited June 2018.


 RI0B 11 0190

This plaque dedicated to the 125-th Anniversary of the expedition on the ship "FRAM" leg Fridtjof Nansen. 

IRAN 2 2018 0190

This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club. It is ussed for two way contacts on three any bands with EP6RRC 

 VK9MAV 12 0190"VK9MAV Coral Sea Adventure" Work Marion reef OC-267 on any bands any mode.


RI0LI plaq

This plaque is issued for contacts with the Russian Team RI0LI from Leont'yeva Island, Medvezhi Islands,RI0LI plaq IOTA AS-022 


HD2RRC plHD2RRC Ecuadorin voyage. Work 2 Islands SA-033 and SA-034 on any bands any mode.

RI1F 007 0190

 The Award for QSOs with RI1F pedition EU-190 is the "Victoria" plaque.


ОС 265 Plaque

"Coral see Islands". Work VK5MAV/9 OC-265 on any two bands any mode in April 2018. 


RT65KI plaque6 0190

The Plaque "Chukotka 2018 IOTA"

"Chukotka 2018" plaque issued for the contact with RT65KI team on any band any mode. 

MOZAMBIQUE Plaque1 0190

"MOZAMBIQUE 2018" plaque.  This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club.


ALASKA 1 Plaque

The Plaque "ALASKA 2017.The Plaque "ALASKA 2017. Rare Islands on the air". Work VE7ACN peditions to 3 Islands of Alaska in 2017: 

   NOBILE 90 Plaque

The Plaque "NOBILE-90". In connection with the 90-th anniversary of reaching the North Pole by the Umberto Nobile's expedition on the airship and the rescue ....


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This award is ussed for two way contacts on three any bands with XR0ZRC of Russian expedition to Robinson Crusoe... Read more
This award is dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Russian Robinsone Club. It is ussed for two way contacts... Read more
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