Hello brethren et al.!

The last weekend nearly any ham having a mike was on the air radiating RF in the CQ WW DX SSB 2016 event.  Reading posts  from the 3830 reflector, one has to realize that he was not the only victim of miserable band conditions over the contests. If major players are weeping and wailing, what should we say about the rest of John Does? Yes, it was challenging indeed. 28 was open big time for those down South and they enjoyed the  infamous TE only enhanced by the storm. LU, PY, CX, perhaps to a certain degree, Mediterranean and Middle East folks  had an obvious advantage as well as ZD8W (just envious, Oliver). A handful (comparing to the previous years) East – West Q’s were made. 21 In my humble yet greedy eyes that was the band to go. Fifteen sounded like ten the last year to me. 14 was bad. Nothing else to add. 40 was good on the first day with strong EU’s and JA’s and USA. Pacific was abundant. On the second day European signals were marginal at best, even from the big guns. 80 I had a blast. With my single string hal-wave sloping dipole and some 800 watts I logged 500+ stations from all continents. I can’t recall 80 Phone in a better shape. 160 I can’t say much I wasn’t there but folks gossiped it was not bad at all.

Now on DX. VP2EGR lead by Sigi, DL7DF are active CW RTTY on all bands. Don’t miss you chance to fill in the empty slots with that entity. The famous 6G group decided to activate ZL7 this time. Outstanding ops doing outstanding job, simply put. If only they were not overzealous with CQ EU on low bands on their SS since it coincides with the best propagation to Chatam from several other locations maybe less distant but still remote. They upload to LoTW shortly after you have made a Q with them. Great!  5W7X is active from Samoa, good signals heard.

On a different but related subject. We started a new award program based on DX slots worked called DX Toad. Currently available to the subscribers of QRZ.RU, it’s planned to get wider.

That’s all for the time being!

Have fun!

Alex HC2AO

Hello brethren et al.
What makes DXing unique? Right! The random. You may think you know propagation patterns well enough to ensure a point to point QSO with some far-away location, yet you try and hear big nearly perfect zilch. Or quite the opposite. You take your antennas and setup as mediocre and all you hear mostly is your neighbors, and then bang! You got a sweet, fat DX from thousands of miles away with a single shot! Like a boss! Like a million $$ big gun on 250 acres of property. Ever-changing conditions is the thing to take with awe yet learn and try. The big scary K and A indexes should not ruin your mood. You never know what may pop out from the noise. Scan the bands from the highest - even though overall sunspot picture looks grimmer with every new day, some long-distance opening occur frequently on 10 and 12 to the most unexpected areas. The recent disturbance for instance enabled 40 meters band from Ecuador to India, and I managed to log 4 VU stations in a row with s9 signal levels from 17 000 + km.  Quite a distance to cover! In the same time 10 meters was somewhat open to H40GC but I came a bit too late to make a QSO with Stan, H40GC. n the other hand signals from Europe were mediocre at best on 30-40-80 meters, some 10-15Db lower than usual. Another striking record - I was heard S9+ by Eugene, RA0FF in Sakhalin Island in the Far East on 40 meters around 5.30 UTC which is nearly his noon time. On 30 meters JA signals were detected as early as 4 UTC!!!
DXs. T31T amassing QSOs like a conveyer. Great signals from the Polish team on all bands here, H40GC with a few days left still having huge pileups from JA, EU, USA. S9YY a wonderful effort and performance by the German team covering all bands, being persistent and determined. I wish I had a better shot to the equatorial Africa from here to log them on all bands. But openings are scarce and weak due to my local terrain profile. 5A1AL Abubaker used 12M opening to have a nice EU/NA run the other day. Let's hope he will have more free time on his hands to make more of us happy with much-needed Lybia.
73 See you on the bands

Hello brethren,


September is about to end and with CQ WW SSB expeditions the bands will be more crowded. Conditions have been co-operative for the most time with several serious yet not lasting solar storms. JW/LB5WB, OX3XR, OX/OZ1LXJ from the Far North were active on low bands with decent signals world-wide and logging even a few JAs on 80. D66D is still on the air doing their best handing out that much-sought DXCC entity. 160 and 80 meters are the most needed and it seems that EU and parts of NA have been making their way into D66D logs. Here in Ecuador, no signal from the Comores was heard on 160 but on 80 a few nights they were quite readable without a QSO though.  Stan, LZ1GC started his H44-H40 Solomon Islands/Temotu Province odyssey with the focus on low bands. VP6AH has been active on SSB on 10 through 40 meters with 100 watts and a simple antenna. E6AC has been active from Niue on all bands. T30COW has just began to QRV. Bob will be there for a month.


Good luck and good DX!


Hello brethren,

DXers are busy again: a good dozen of fine DXs are on the air. No time for sleep, boys! Conditions in general  have been cooperative to most parts of the world on many bands. Remoters are active as well. A whole bunch of European so-called DXers were detected using ZL2TZT remote site either remote calling or listening to the Pacific expeditions. I hope DX operators are not misguided when hearing a strong EU caller out of time amidst JA or NA crowd. Shame on you!


T31T Dom, 3Z9DX led expedition to Kanton Island are active. They are doing a great job and plan to stay on the island to the end of October, which will give us more chances to log this rare entity.

H40GC Stan and his team mate moved from the Solomon Islands to Temotu Province and have been busy working pileups on all bands. Great signals and operation style! Great job!

S9YY A German team is activating Sao Tome off the Equatorial African West Coast. Thus far it has been an impressive performance. Keep up good work, fellows!

SV2ASP/A Apollo, the one and only in this DXCC entity was active on 20M CW (14.034 split up to 10 Kcs up) this Sunday and heard in NA.

That’s it for now.

Have fun on the air!

Hello brethren,

It looks like we are having fun again. Conditions have been decent to good on most of the HF bands even with sporadic openings on 10 and 12. The major DX for the moment is a Czech outing to The Comores signing D66D. Guys reporting heavy QRN but we hope to log them on low bands anyhow.  It is a difficult area to reach from Ecuador and thus far signals were marginal.

URE Spanish Radio Amateur League launched an activity dedicated to Cervantes anniversary with stations using AN400 prefix.

JT1XC/3 and JT1DBC/3 are heard in SA and NA in the evening on 20 CW. Don’t miss the opportunity to have Mongolia LOTWified.

OY/ON6NB North Brabant DX Club has been doing a great job from Faroe Islands. I managed to work them 75M phone for a new slot with this entity. LoTW is promised.

TO5FP A French group activated St. Pierre et Miquelon. A nice effort that made many happy with new band slots. Unfortunately no 160 activity. LoTW is due.

Personal propagation research remarks.  I keep marveling at a steady path between Ecuador and Japan on 30 meters and lower. Now beating my previous time record working JA2JMD at 04.08 UTC on 30M. As the sun activity goes down, 20,30 and 40 meter bands are becoming  more of DX working horse windows in the RF spectrum.

Have fun!

73 Alex HC2AO

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