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en  The number of HAMs is increasing from year to year around the world. At the same time the number those who wish to add QSO with a rare country in its log is growing too. You can see it at a fantastic pile up during such expeditions. If you look at the top ten most wantwed countries in the world (clublog/mostwanted) you will notice that it's hard to reach islands which are far from major continents. They are comletely new (ATNO-all time new one) to many radio amateurs especially for those who have recently appeared on the air.
  Growth trend of budget expeditions is quite evident in the last few years, the bulk of which is a freight ship. Therefore holding many international expeditions is no longer possible without the assistense of different amateur radio groups, clubs, foundations, and other associations, not to mention the manufacturers of radio equipment as sponsors. Our company is also ready to provide all possible support to the various expeditions, and the first steps have been made this summer to RI1PT (EU-188), R3RRC/0 (AS-082), R7AL/0 (AS-172), RT9K/0 (AS-203). And this is just begining...
73 Team of Most Wanted DX.
ru  С каждым годом растет число радиолюбителей во всем мире.Вместе с тем, и всех желающих записать связь с редкой страной в свой журнал. Это можно видеть по фантастическим пайлапам во время таких экспедиций. Если посмотреть на первую десятку самых востребованных стран (clublog/mostwanted), мы заметим, что это все труднодоступные и довольно удаленные от материков острова. А для многих радиолюбителей, особенно недавно появившихся в эфире, это абсолютно новые страны (ATNO-all time new one).
  В последнее время сохраняется тенденция роста бюджета зкспедиций, где основная его часть это фрахт судна. Поэтому проведение многих международных экспедиций уже невозможно без помощи разных радиолюбительских групп, клубов, фондов и других объединений. Не говоря уже о производителях любительского оборудования в качестве спонсоров. Наша компания также готова оказывать посильную поддержку в проведении различных экспедиций. И первые шаги были cделаны этим летом для: RI1PT (EU-188), R3RRC/0 (AS-082), R7AL/0 (AS-172), RT9K/0 (AS-203). И это только начало...
73 Команда Most Wanted DX.

Latest plaques

Москва 870
 "Moscow-870" plaque

In order to receive award participants are required in the period from January 1st till December 31st 2017


Nansen GoldPlaque "Fridtjof Nansen" dedicated to the 120-th Anniversary of the expedition on the ship "FRAM" led Fridtjof Nansen 1893 - 1896. 


180x120 Australia"Australia, Islands on Earth's edge" Plaque is issued for QSOs with 4 or more different IOTA groups, activated by Andy VK5MAV from 2009 till now.

Zanzibar ia a pearl of Tanzania  The plaque is issued for contacts with 5H1WW Russian pedition to Zanzibar Island on 3 any bands any mode during November 19 - 28, 2016. 


"Incas Legacy Trophy"Work at least 10 amateur radio stations from WAZ zone 10 on 9 different amateur bands any mode, at least 1 QSO on each of 9 bands

R71RRC plaque

The Plaque  "Chukotka Jorney 2017". This plaque is issued for just one contact with R71RRC Russian pedition to Arakamchechen Island IOTA AS-071 during April, 2017.

СРР 25 for the site2010

Компания "Most Wanted DX" решила поддержать 25-летие Союза Радиолюбителей России выпуском своей плакетки "25 лет СРР". 


Sedov 980x540 2010

This plaque is issued for 4 contacts with the a special event station RA36GS on any bands and any modes from April 23 to May 22, 2017.

HD2RRC plHD2RRC Ecuadorin voyage. Work 2 Islands SA-033 and SA-034 on any bands any mode.


This plaque is issued for 9 contacts with a special event stations a members of club "Arktika" from June 6 till June 18. 


VK9MAV 12 0190

"VK9MAV Coral Sea Adventure" Work Marion reef OC-267 on any bands any mode.

FIFA 2017 MWDXThis plaque is issued for contacts with all 9 special event stations from June 17 till July 02. 2017. 

RI0LI plaq

This plaque is issued for contacts with the Russian Team RI0LI from Leont'yeva Island, Medvezhi Islands,RI0LI plaq IOTA AS-022 on 2 any bands or 2 any modes during August 2017


RI1F 007 0190

 The Award for QSOs with RI1F pedition EU-190 is the "Victoria" plaque.


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180 x 120 EU7A

180 х 120 VK5MAV

The Award for QSOs with RI1F pedition EU-190 is the "Viktoriya" plaque. It is given for the QSOs with the... Read more
This plaque is issued for contacts with the Russian Team RI0LI from Leont'yeva Island, Medvezhi Islands,IOTA AS-022 on 2 any... Read more
Puna & Salango Islands IOTA expedition by HC2AO, R4WAA, and RZ3FW. by Alex Ogorodov, HC2AO photos by Sergei Yanovsky, RZ3FWA... Read more
Puna & Salango Islands IOTA expedition text by Alex Ogorodov, HC2AOphotos by Sergei Yanovsky, RZ3FW Salango Unlike Puna, Salango was a terra incognita... Read more
The Plaque "FIFA Confederations Cup. Russia 2017". This plaque is issued for contacts with all 9 special event stations from... Read more
Work Marion reef OC-267 on any bands any mode. VK9MAV log will be upload to ClubLog. Plaque’s size 200 х 250... Read more

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The team were able to fix problem with amplifier and instal VDA 20m antenna. They are asking to make only...
The sea around Ptichy island is stormy and landed not allowed. The weather should be better on Friday, August, 25.
The part of UE23RRC, AS-142 team (RA1ZZ, RW5D) will activate Starichkov island, AS-095 sine 0000 UTC, August, 23 during 36...


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